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Volume 6

Volume 6 starts out with the birth of our nation, and how God's hand was in the success of the freedom fighters, and George Washington acknowledgement of this. A review of economic principles. How judges are creating their own laws, and finally some suggested steps to take to regain what has been taken from us.

371 pages

Topics covered in this volume:

• George Washington

• Devine Intervention During the Revolutionary War  

• Economics 

      Supply and Demand 



      Compound Interest   

      Deficit Spending

      Minimum Wage

      Free Trade

      The Law of Creation of Value

      The Foundation of a Nation’s Currency

• Judicial Activists vs The Rule of Law

• What Should WE Actually Do? 

• Writers and Books Referenced

• Conclusion 

• Appendix 1 Money Supply

Appendix 2 Federal Reserve Letter

Appendix 3 Thomas Jefferson’s Letter 

Appendix 4 North American Trade Agreement

Appendix 5 Central American Trade Agreement

Appendix 6 Standards of Living

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