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here's the book you

need to teach THE CONSTITUTION to your FAMILY

The perfect companion to my book "Saving the Constitution". A great way to teach these important concepts in a home education environment.

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"All of the insights in Saving the Constitution with quizzes to measure understanding"

The BEST way to learn the rules of Our Country

The purpose of this book is to go over the Constitution one paragraph at a time. The original meaning of many of the phrases, ideas, and requirements of the Constitution have been lost over time, and our education system no longer teaches anything about the actual Constitution. Most courses spend more time on the history of the Constitution than on the actual document itself. The People, who are one of the powers that created the Constitution, do not read or understand what it says. This book is intended to help correct that oversight by explaining the Constitution in plain

contemporary language.

I explain the paragraphs and discuss their meanings and intentions. The Constitution isn't really hard to read, we don’t take time

to do it.

With quizzes at the end of each chapter, you'll be able to to test your knowledge of each concept.

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only $24.95

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