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here's the book you need to teach economics to your children

Give your children the valuable information that their peers don't learn in public eduction. These valuable insights will help them as they navigate the snares and pitfalls that the political and economic system have set for all of us.


"I wrote this book to help the next generation!"

With this book you can teach about:

• What is Economics?

• Role of Government

• What is an Economic System?

• Private Property

• Capital Accumulation and Effect

• Supply and Demand

• Money

• Banking

• Compound Interest

• Deficit Spending

• Minimum Wage

• Free Trade

• Law of Creation of Value

• National Debt

• Socialism vs Capitalism

and much, much more.

Along with detailed charts illustrating:

Money Supply

Standards of Living

National Debt Chart

If you have read "Bathroom Economics', you will want to pass the information on to your children. This textbook makes it easy. A great addition to your home-schooling library.

271 pages.


only $25.00

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