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They teach math and english in school, but never economics!

Is it some oversight by the education industry, or do they not want you to understand? These are simple concepts that will change the way you look at everything. This book will change your life!


"It is time for you to learn these things!"

In this book you will learn about:

• What is Economics?

• Role of Government

• What is an Economic System?

• Private Property

• Capital Accumulation and Effect

• Supply and Demand

• Money

• Banking

• Compound Interest

• Deficit Spending

• Minimum Wage

• Free Trade

• Law of Creation of Value

• National Debt

• Socialism vs Capitalism

and much, much more.

Along with detailed charts illustrating:

Money Supply

Standards of Living

National Debt Chart

There are powerful people in this country who have worked very hard for many years to keep this information from reaching the American public. Now is the time to inform yourself, and then inform your friends. 233 pages.

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only $25.00

Would you like a Home Schooling version of this book?

The book 'Easily Understood Economics' is the same book as Bathroom Economics, but it includes the tests  necessary to evaluate your child's understanding of the materials.

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